Blakk Smoke On The Go™ – Sweet Bubble Gum


NEW! Introducing Blakk Smoke On The Go™ Hookah Pens. Finally, you can bring the premium Blakk Smoke experience wherever you are – from the crib to the car to the club. Our On The Go™ Hookah Pens are 100% portable, personal, disposable, and discreet and as always – contain absolutely NO nicotine or tobacco.


Unlike other pens that need to be refilled and recharged, the Blakk Smoke On The Go™ Hookah Pen is completely breath activated and automatically turns on/off during and after pulls. Additionally, each pen comes pre-filled with 2022 puffs of one of our 10 delicious Blakk Smoke flavors and is equipped with colorful LED lights making On The Go™ the ultimate tobacco-free personal hookah experience.