Blakk Smoke

Blakk is a black-owned hookah line specializing in top quality products guaranteed to satisfy all your hookah desires.  We offer everything for an epic hookah session with friends and family.

Do you ever become lightheaded after smoking hookah? Your answer is probably yes, because we have too, but not anymore.  Blakk Smoke created and customized real fruit flavors to eliminate the side effects of smoking hookah.

Now you can “Pass Me the Hookah” enjoying a taste and vibe you can’t find nowhere but Blakk Smoke. 

Blakk Tatted

About Blakk Smoke

The Blakk Smoke Vape is a Safe and Healthy Way to Enjoy Hookah

Since its inception in 2020, Black Smoke has been a leading innovator of premium vaporizing products. From the beginning, we set out to create technology-driven devices that set the standard for exceptional performance and design. Over the years we have continuously refined our core mission to make sure it stands testament to the highest quality standards expected by our loyal customers. We strive to maintain that same passion and excitement in all our work today, so that every product released sport advanced features with stylish designs that make vaping easier than ever before. With Blakk, you can rest assured that you are getting an efficient, convenient and stylish device backed by commitment to excellence. Our staff of dedicated engineers is constantly working on developing new products that meet or exceed customer expectations while still remaining accessible and affordable.

Team Blakk

The stellar reputation of our team ensures each release is thoroughly tested before rollout guaranteeing reliability and satisfaction in every Blakk product. As a result we’ve become renowned for producing some of the most reliably high performing and modernly designed vapes available. Indeed many of our products have won industry awards thanks to their combination of powerful hardware, eye-catching design & user-friendly features without compromising value or affordability. In addition to delivering innovative products, we run a variety of special events throughout the year. Such  eexclusive launches and giveaways where fans can interact with us directly and learn more about how they can get involved in the community around us.

Blakk Smoke Vs The Tobacco Industry

This is a story about a young entrepreneur, Blakk Tatted, who made it his mission to change the debilitating relationship between the community and tobacco use. As a major contributor to the three leading causes of death among the smokers community, which are, heart disease, cancer, and stroke. Tobacco use has become a pressing issue in our community. Thus, Black Tatted saw the need for change and took action by creating The Blakk Smoke, a tobacco-free cigarette alternative.

At Blakk, we understand that the hookah experience should be enjoyed without sacrificing health. That’s why we are proud to offer our no nicotine/tobacco fruity Shisha and on-the-go hookah pens. On top of this, each product is designed to provide the perfect balance between quality and convenience. So why settle for anything else? Take your hookah experience to the next level with BlakkSmoke and shape the future of the industry today.

The different products on Blakk

BlakkSmoke offers a range of products, each with a distinct purpose. Our products are designed to help people either quit smoking, reduce their intake of smoking, or to simply enjoy smoking without the harmful chemicals. Blakk Smoke provides a selection of Shisha Flavors, Hookahs, Hookah Pens, Hookah Accessories, etc. Undeniably, all of our products are top of the line and sure to satisfy any customer.

Blakk Smoke’s on-the-go Hookah Pens provide smokers with the perfect way to enjoy their favorite flavors without the hassle of setup or cleanup. With their sleek, discreet design, you can take your pen with you wherever you go for a flavorful, smokeless experience anytime and anyplace. Choose from a variety of classic and special edition flavors that can help you relax and take the edge off after a hard day. With Blakk Smoke’s on-the-go Hookah Pens, you can now get the same satisfaction of smoking without the mess. So why wait? Try them out today and experience the difference!

Experience the ultimate in relaxation and luxury with Blakk Smoke Hookah. Our hookah is designed to provide you with high-quality relaxation and stimulating flavor like never before. With a variety of flavors and styles to choose from, we ensure you will find the perfect hookah to fit your needs. Our hookah is handcrafted with precision and attention to detail to guarantee the most pleasurable experience imaginable. So, why wait? Make Blakk Smoke Hookah your next purchase and enjoy an elevated hookah experience today.

If you’re looking to take your hookah experience to the next level, then you’ll want to try out Blakk Smoke. Premium Hookah Accessories. These top-notch accessories are perfect for those who want to enjoy the perfect smoke each and every time. You’ll be able to customize your smoke experience with Blakk Smoke’s wide selection of products. From hand-blown glass pieces to natural wood stem varieties. So if you’re looking for the best way to get the most flavor and enjoyment out of your smoking sessions, then make sure to check out Blakk Smoke’s Premium Hookah Accessories today.

Are you looking for an alternative to the traditional nicotine and tobacco-filled shisha flavors? Then Black Smoke is the perfect choice for you! Our fruity shisha flavors provide the same great taste without the added chemicals or health concerns. From apple to watermelon and everything in between, there is a Blakk Smoke.c shisha flavor that will tantalize your taste buds and delight your senses. So what are you waiting for? Try Blakk Smoke today!

What is blakk smoke made of?

Blakk Smoke, a brand of hookah-style smoking tobacco, is formulated with only natural ingredients, including 100% natural fruit flavors and honey, while being completely devoid of nicotine, tobacco, artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, and preservatives. This provides a unique and healthy smoking experience. Each of the flavors we’ve created has been designed to capture the flavor and experience of conventional hookah tobacco, while providing a healthier and more natural alternative.